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Toyota HILUX DUMP PickUp 4×4 Heavy Duty Dump Truck


New 2023 Toyota HILUX DUMP PickUp create by Garage Rung Rueng Service 101 Co., Ltd. At the peak of the crossover boom, the Japanese auto industry, represented by Toyota, extended the range of Hilux branded pickups with a new version, which has already become known as the Toyota Hilux 2023.

source/image: 4You AutoManija

According to brand experts, the new model is powerful and versatile an SUV in the Toyota HILUX 2023 pickup configuration should attract the attention of fans of extreme recreation.

Strong and powerful swing with modern design pickup truck with 3 tons floating axle suspension system set for heavy loads.


In a new, more advanced reincarnation, the new body of the Hilux pickup truck of the future, 2023 demonstrates: features of brutal-aggressive style elements typical for American SUVs. HILUX DUMP PickUp 4×4 heavy dirty dump truck 2023

SOURCE4You AutoManija
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