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2022 Toyota Hilux RV Motorhome Alpha


Video review of RV Toyota Hilux 2022.Medium-sized Auto sleeper. Interior and exterior of a motorhome based on the new Toyota Hilux 2022 model.

source/image(PrtSc): 4You AutoManija

The latest video from YouTube channel 4You AutoManija takes you to a video tour of a motorhome in the form of a pickup truck with the Toyota Revo Rocco 2.8 AT 4×4 with the name of Motorhome-Alpha, the work of MHC.

The Motorhome-Alpha car made from Toyota Revo Rocco 4×4 2.8AT.It is a small family car made of 4 doors behind the house. There is a mattress above the driver’s head, can sleep 3 people, the back seat can be adjusted to sleep 1 person.


It has a bathroom woith a shower, has a sack tank, supports 5 liters, has a refrigerator, microwave, sink, water system, will have water storage Good 60 liters, waste water 40 liters, electrical system when the car is parked, plugged into the 220 volt household power socket, no generator.4You AutoManija