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Will Smith’s $2,500,000 Two Story Motorhome Tour


This week we toured Will Smith’s Motorhome which is one of the largest rvs in the world. It is a double-decker motorhome with a massive lounge area on 2nd floor. It is a double-story motorhome, and though it admittedly lacks the suave interiors that RV’s boast of today.

source/image(PrtSc): Enes Yilmazer

The 1,200 square foot home on 22-wheels, worth $2.5 million, was originally made to order for Hollywood superstar Will Smith.This RV runs on 22 wheels and has another deck on top. The lower level also has four pop-out rooms for completely decadent living while on the road. Watch the video tour from Enes Yilmazer:

Equipped with 14 TVs, a 30-person screening room, a private hair and makeup space, and a $200,000 kitchen, this mega RV is designed for maximum comfort and pleasure.The bathrooms are ostentatious as well and the only thing this RV is missing is perhaps a pool.


The internal stairs and most of the furniture are made of so-called Oberflex wood, which is made in France from real wood veneer that is glued to a laminate backing.The Heat is unlike any other RV out there because it was custom built for a movie star.The creator of the 18-wheeler is Ron Anderson from Texas, and he has been making these kinds of living spaces for more than 20 years.read more: Enes Yilmazer