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Toyota’s Latest Vehicle, An Electric Riding Witch Broom

This years at Tokyo Motor Show Toyota revealed several concepts for future mobility with one being highly unusual, the electric flying broom.

source/image: 머니투데이

It flies through the air? Experience first-hand mobility of the future! Modeled after a broom used by a witch to fly through the air, this mobility platform integrates people and machines, allowing users to reaffirm the enjoyment of mobility.

Unfortunately, The e-broom by Toyota is yet not able to make the quidditch players airborne like in the famous Harry Potter books. But the e-broom is capable of propelling users on the ground as long as they are wearing roller-skates.


The e-broom has been designed to be ridden, similar to a witch’s broom, it relies on an electrical motor and a wheel at the bottom to propel its rider forward at moderate speed. It’s not as impressive as we’d like it to be, but at least it’s a step toward a real life quidditch broom.At the handling end of things, Toyota has even put a transparent cat sitting on the end of the e-broom.