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Transforming Kimberley Kamper Caravan


With the birth of Australia’s first genuine expanding Hybrid, the amazingly versatile Kimberley Karavan will go anywhere your tow vehicle will go. Experience the luxurious comforts of a Kimberley Kruiser, and compact Off-Road agility of the light weight Kimberley Kamper, with the all-in-one package of the Kimberley Karavan!

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The Karavan Classic gives you the driveability of our Kamper and the hard walled comfort of a Kruiser in one sleek package. Sleeping up to 6 makes it the ideal way to take your family to places you’ve only dreamed of, and setting up camp is just a button push away.

The Karavan’s party trick that has endeared it to thousands of well-heeled owners since, and made it the favourite of the Kimberley range, is it ability to emulate a camper trailer when towed into remote areas before unfolding to reveal the comforts of a compact caravan once there.


It does this with a unique mechanism that lowers the top half of the caravan over the lower section for travelling and then raises it again on site, with the queen-size bed sliding out into its own hard-lid compartment once there.

Kimberley specifically designs its compact caravans to include a travel height of only 2.2m when closed; and to achieve optimal off-road ability, they are no wider than the average 4X4 1.9m.The outdoor kitchen comes with plenty of pantry space that can also be accessed from inside. There are storage drawers along the pull-out bench, and a fridge slide. On the inside, a stainless steel sink with hot and cold water and a two-burner ceramic diesel powered cooktop rest on a solid benchtop.