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Velocity TWIN $450k Spaceship With 2 Engines


Velocity aircraft designs some of the most unique airplanes in the world. Their aircraft are canard designs with a pusher motor in the back. The Velocity twin is the most powerful in the line up with double the power. Each engine has 180 hp Velocity XL which propels this aircraft to cruise at 200 knots (230 mph) burning 16-20 gallons of fuel per hour.

source.image: MojoGrip

The Velocity V-Twin was designed to provide a safe and efficient transportation aircraft especially for those who fly at night, over mountains, over large bodies of water, serious IFR and those who just want the redundancy of a second engine to get them home or to an airport in the event of an engine failure.A fully loaded Velocity Twin will cost roughly $450,000.

The Velocity V-Twin is a four-seat (with a five-seat option), retractable tricycle landing gear, composite construction aircraft with a twin engine pusher configuration and the canard layout of the Velocity XL single engine aircraft.


The aircraft features “gull wing” car-like doors and dual sidestick controllers. The flight control surfaces are the same as those of the XL. The aircraft’s design goal was to offer the safety of twin engines without the stall and spin risks of a conventional twin during single-engine operations. Capacity: 4 people. Engine: 2x Lycoming 180 hp. Range: 1,322 miles. Speed: 230 mph. Price: $450k.