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Transportable Folding RV Body That Fits In Back Of A Pick-Up


The ioCamper TRUCK is an openable RV body that can be attached to any dual cab pick-up in 15 minutes (eg Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D-max, Volkswagen Amarok, Mitsubishi L200, Mercedes X-Class.)IoCamper TRUCK is made from the latest fiberglass reinforced PE material with high density insulation materials using the latest technologies and materials.

source/image(PrtSc): ioCamper

The structure is completely waterproof and windproof thanks to special double rubber and silicone seals and properly designed joints.It can be opened in 15 minutes, so it is suitable for 4/5 people for camping, fishing, hunting or other leisure activities.

Includes the following features: 200×160 cm double bed, 2 pcs 190×70 cm single beds with memory foam mattresses (5th bed can be added on request), dining table, kitchen with hot plate, sink, 85L refrigerator with freezer, large storage compartments below and above; bathroom with sink, shower, 50L fresh water tank, cabinets, mobile toilet (can also be ordered with cassette toilet), lockable entrance door, roof ventilation, 4 pcs double glazed windows.


All doors and windows are equipped with blackout and insect nets; 12V and 230V mains, 6xUSB sockets, 4x230V sockets, LED lighting system, 12V battery, 4 pcs mounting elements, folding stairs, 4 pcs adjustable levelling legs.Dimensions: 600 x 210 x 210 (L x W x H).Total weight: 650 kg.//ioCamper

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