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TRI Teaching Robots To Help People In Their Homes


The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is focused on creating and proving the technological breakthroughs necessary to make assistive home robots feasible. TRI is teaching a general purpose robot to perform useful human-level tasks in real homes.

source/image(PrtSc): Toyota Research Institute

We believe teaching a robot tasks is a promising first step to achieving our broader vision of Fleet Learning, specifically for assisting and empowering people in their home. And we hope that sharing this progress benefits others throughout the robotics community.

Operating and navigating in home environments is very challenging for robots. Every home is unique, with a different combination of objects in distinct configurations that change over time. We teach the robot using an immersive telepresence system, in which there is a model of the robot, mirroring what the robot is doing.


Our robot is specifically designed to make teaching and performing these tasks easy. Like a person, it has many redundant degrees of freedom, ensuring the robot can move its hands around in the way that it wants, whenever it wants, by adjusting its whole body posture to accommodate the motions. The robot also has a set of visual and depth cameras with a very wide field of view. This provides a significant amount of context to both the person teaching the robot, and the robot itself.via/read more: tri.global

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