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Turbo Diesel Go Kart Top Speed Run CVT Torque Converter


I give the Turbo Diesel Go-Kart another shot at a high-speed run but this time I mounted a torque converter setup to the 10 horsepower Kohler diesel engine.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

The torque was out of this world it was so much fun to drive, the top speed was decent but I know for sure if I tweak it I can do better, not sure if I’m going to do another episode on this one or not, if I do I’m going to keep it very simple or I just make a larger drive gear to see what the maximum is with this engine.

Everyone asked me about what equipment I use and especially about the Go2 action camera and the drone, so below I’ve included links to everything, the camera, the drone, and to my website in case you want to check out all the other products that. I’ve been using in other episodes, also another thing many people have been asking me about is the water jet I use, so I also put the water jet on my website so everything’s in one place.


Thanks for watching hopefully enjoyed that video and definitely let me know if you want to see a follow-up with this turbo diesel Go-Kart with a larger drive gear, I’m definitely going to have to make that one because they don’t sell it./Warped Perception