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Turboprop-Powered Giant RC Pilatus PC 21 Airplane


The Pilatus PC-21 is a turboprop-powered advanced trainer with a stepped tandem cockpit. This perfect replica was flown by Steve Johnson. The full size aircraft is manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

This model kit is manufactured by Tomahawk Design in Germany and was built by Matt Bishop of Bishop Aviation. In the air it looks and sounds no different to the full size aircraft.

It is powered by a JetCat turbo-prop engine that is basically a micro jet engine in reverse with it’s thrust rotating an impeller that is connected to the the 5 blade 22″ x 14″ propeler.


The exhaust gases from the engine flow over the impeller vanes and rotate the prop.The RC airplane has a wingspan of 2.68m, a lenght of 3.30m./Essential RC

VIAEssential RC
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