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DIY Turning Ceiling Fan Into a Wind Turbine Generator

A ceiling fan looks similar to a wind turbine, so one may wonder if it can be used as such. Most ceiling fans are induction motors, that don’t generate electricity when being turned.

source/image(PrtSc): Giesbert Nijhuis

You will have to add magnets. That and many other points are dealt with in this experiment. The goal of this video is to learn how stuff works.Wath the video from Giesbert Nijhuis for more info:

And to help everybody who wants to try this conversion themselves. I hope you can learn from my experiment, and make a better version.


The arrangement of magnets and coils in a large ceiling fan is particularly well suited to being reappropriated into generating electricity from a make-shift wind turbine. Learn to make your own diy wind turbine! Whether you are living off the grid, or just want to generate some extra energy for the home.