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TWA Moonliner Concept Rocket-Shaped Commercial Airliner


The TWA Moonliner was designed to resemble a futuristic rocket ship and was intended to serve as a symbol of the Jet Age and the exciting possibilities of space travel. It stood approximately 80 feet (24 meters) tall and featured a streamlined, silver body with TWA’s logo prominently displayed on its side. The interior was envisioned to have luxurious accommodations, offering passengers a unique and memorable flying experience.

source.image: Hazegrayart

The TWA Moonliner was a concept for a rocket-shaped commercial airliner developed by the Trans World Airlines (TWA) in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering. The idea was born in the 1950s as part of a promotional campaign called the “Rocket to the Moon” attraction at Disneyland.

Although the TWA Moonliner was never built as an actual aircraft, a 1/100th scale replica of the concept was constructed and placed in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park in California. It served as an eye-catching centerpiece for the Rocket to the Moon attraction, where visitors could explore the interior and imagine what it would be like to travel to the moon.


The original TWA Moonliner replica at Disneyland was eventually replaced by a new attraction called Mission to Mars in 1975. However, smaller replicas of the Moonliner can still be found as decorations in certain areas of the park.Overall, the TWA Moonliner represents an iconic and imaginative concept from the early days of space exploration and aviation, capturing the excitement and optimism of that era.