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Woman Built a Dream Camper Van In 15 Days


Join Jennie as she walks us through her custom-built home on wheels, meticulously designed with her love for travel and functionality in mind. From innovative storage solutions to a cozy sleeping nook, this van is a testament to Jennie’s creativity and resourcefulness. Let’s dive into the details of how she transformed a simple van into a delightful tiny home ready for adventure!

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover how Jennie utilized metal lockers from Ikea to create a unique storage system that’s both functional and aesthetic. These lockers serve as the perfect place to store essentials and display her collection of travel magnets, showcasing her journeys and adventures.With an 1100 watt B RV and additional solar power options, she keeps her van and gadgets powered up without the complexity of a full power system, making her travels smoother and more efficient.

The centerpiece is an Ikea couch bed that doubles as her bed, designed to fit the van’s dimensions perfectly. This area is not just a sleeping space but a personal tribute to her favorite band, The Beatles, adorned with memorabilia and decorations that reflect her love for music.


With a total build cost around $8,000, Jennie proves that with some ingenuity and careful planning, creating a personalized tiny home on wheels is attainable. Her story is an inspiration for first-time builders and seasoned travelers alike, showing that a vision can come to life with determination and a bit of creativity.