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Two Wee Epic off-grid Homes Outdoor Living 360-Views


On a California mountaintop with no access to power, David Latimer created a deconstructed home from two tiny houses on wheels enclosing an outdoor bed, kitchen, and living room.

source/image: Kirsten Dirksen

In the balmy SoCal environment, this blurring of the lines between indoors and outdoors means capturing more space without pulling permits nor adding expense and it guarantees a constant connection to nature.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, with no formal design experience except for high school summers in construction, Latimer made a name for himself in Los Angeles working with actress Olivia Wilde and author Cornelia Funke (Inkheart series) designing unique tiny homes.


His work boasts signature flourishes like the all-glass full-wall garage doors and hidden under-the-kitchen sliding beds, but what truly sets his work apart is the strategic lighting. During the day the skylights, clerestory, and full-wall windows light up his spaces but at nightfall, the LED valance lighting transforms them into magical glow boxes./Kirsten Dirksen

VIA Kirsten Dirksen
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