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Two-Wheel 2×2 Drive Rokon Ranger Off-Road Motorcycle

Rokon is a Rochester, New Hampshire-based motorcycle manufacturer that builds two-wheel-drive off-road motorcycles which are marketed either under the company’s name, or as the “Trail Breaker”.The redesigned Ranger takes the classic Rokon power and torque on the road in this dual sport model Rokon. With additional components and DOT approved tires.

source/image(PrtSc): Jay Leno’s Garage

The Rokon can go where no other vehicle dares, through sifting sand, mud, rocky terrain, water higher than your waist and woods with no paths, trails or firebreaks. Jay gets out on the dirt with this bombproof two-wheel drive motorcycle that’s made in America!

The Rokon uses a combination of a belt, chains and shaft drives coupled to gear boxes to drive the front and rear wheels. It features a patented front suspension in all-wheel-drive vehicles for enhanced comfort.


Older machines were powered by a West Bend (US Motor/Chrysler Marine) 820 two-stroke engine (134cc), while newer machines have either a Honda or Kohler 208cc 7 hp engine with both electric and pull start.Each hollow wheel is able to hold 2.5 gallons of gasoline or water for long distance trips.Typical top speed is about 20 mph. Current models are the Trail-Breaker, Ranger and Scout.