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ABB Fuel Cell Hydrogen Powered Container Ship Concept


ABB is playing a central role in the development of future-proof fuel cell technologies for use on ships, through its internal Research & Development and as a partner in several industry projects. Fuel cell technology delivers emissions-free simplicity, maintainability and efficiency.

source/image(PrtSc): abbmarine

ABB and HDF intend to optimize fuel cell manufacturing capabilities to produce a megawatt-scale power plant for marine vessels. The new system will be based on the megawatt-scale fuel cell power plant jointly developed by ABB and Ballard, and will be manufactured at HDF’s new facility in Bordeaux, France.

Fuel cells turn the chemical energy from hydrogen into electricity through an electrochemical reaction. With the use of renewables to produce the hydrogen, the entire energy chain can be clean.


With shipping responsible for about 2.5 percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, there is an increased pressure for the maritime industry to transition to more sustainable power sources. Among alternative emission-free technologies, ABB is already well advanced in collaborative development of fuel cell systems for ships. Fuel cells are widely considered as one of the most promising solutions for reducing harmful pollutants./via read more: ABB