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Boxabl Casita Prefab Modular Folding House


Las Vegas-based startup company called Boxabl wants to mass-produce rectangular boxes that unfold into large rooms.The Casita tiny home comes equipped with all appliances and bathroom fittings. The Boxabl system can be used to build larger homes, multi-storey homes and other types of buildings.

source/image: Boxabl

Boxabls are built in a precision factory environment from cutting edge materials and are packed with the latest technology. This means your building will be stronger, last longer, and be more energy efficient.

The system would be excellent for providing emergency housing after natural disasters.Boxabl homes are wind, fire, bug, water and mold resistant. They also surpass most snow load and insulation ratings.


At 375 square feet, it is similar in size to a converted double car garage. Designed as a studio apartment with a full-size bathroom and kitchen appliances.

These “blank boxes” could be, for instance, a kitchen layout with exterior siding, or a living room with a stucco and stone finish.The low cost and ease of transportation could benefit those who need a modular home most in areas where housing has been decimated by natural disasters.