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TYER WIND Turbine That Perfectly Mimics The Motion Of Hummingbird’s Wings


TYER WIND pre-industrial machine is now a tangible reality ! As a biomimic wind converter, TYER Wind perfectly mimics the motion of Hummingbird’s wings to harness wind power and generate green electricity. It is a sensational revolution in the world of mechanics that is likely to have a major impact on the way we produce electricity in the future.

source/image: TYER WIND

Tyer Wind has replicated the mechanism that allows hummingbirds to fly in one place with their flapping wind turbine that moves in a figure 8 configuration.

source/image: TYER WIND

It has two vertical axis wings made from carbon fiber, each 5.25 feet long, that convert kinetic wind energy into emissions-free electricity. Combined, the two wings sweep an area of nearly 12 square feet, with a pre-industrial rated power output of 1kW.


The turbine is said to give off less noise pollution compared to conventional wind turbines, be safer for migrating birds, less visually obtrusive, and allow for a higher density of turbines in a wind farm configuration.

It’s not specifically a small wind machine, as the company appears to be envisioning large-scale deployment, but the working model is clearly in the micro- to small-scale wind category.

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