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U-Build Hands-On A Flat-Pack Modular Home You Can Assemble


U-Build is a modular construction system even a completely inexperienced builders can assemble with simple hand tools. The flat-pack kit is made from CNC-cut plywood; components are slotted together like puzzle pieces using only a mallet and a drill.

source/image(PrtSc): Kirsten Dirksen

By following a simple set of instructions, one or two people can build a home, a backyard studio or ADU or even furniture. To create a frame, pieces must be assembled to create hollow boxes which them stack (and bolt together) to create walls and a roof. Natural-sheep-wool insulation is pre-cut to fit the boxes.

On top of a weather-proof membrane, cladding completes the buildings; this can also be pre-fabbed in wood or cork panels.The kits are designed for easy assembly and disassembly so the pieces can be reused for a new home, cabin or piece of furniture. U-Build offers plans for tiny houses or cabins (10- 30m2/ 107- 323 sq ft) for £1000 (~$1380) per square meter.


There’s a full-size house (40-150 m2) at £900 per m2 and plenty of options for garden sheds under £12,000 ($16,600). The “Barn Owl” looks like it could serve as an ADU – the photo shows a bed, kitchenette, shower and toilet setup; it requires building 57 boxes./Kirsten Dirksen

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