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UDX AIRWOLF Two-Seat EVTOL Hoverbike Aircraft Concept


A two-seat EVTOL hoverbike aircraft that uses electric ducted fans called Airwolf.Our uniqueness resolve the drone problem statement.Vertical takeoff/landing and flight has issue with energy requirements.

source/image(PrtSc): udx_research

All existing drones solution even with better batteries are energically ineffectiveWings dramatically increase energy efficiency. On Airwolf give the drone upthrust that allows Built for extended flight-time.//udx_research

With most effective flight speed 120 km/h is usage of energy 20% in compare for takeoff.Tilting motors – ability of vectoring the flow of air increase not only precision of control but also reduced energy requirements for forward flight.


Safety – Using EDFs are increasing safety for pilot and sourroundings.DARE TO FLY easy as riding a motorbike.via read more: udx_research