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Understanding RMF The Driving Force Behind Every AC Machine


Every AC machine uses a rotating magnetic field, an invention that kicked off the industrial revolution. Can you guess how the RMF reached this stage!

source/image(PrtSc): Learn Engineering

In this video, we’ll travel through the minds of the geniuses behind the development of RMF. The greatest contribution can perhaps be attributed to Nikola Tesla, considered by many as the pioneering father of modern engineering. Watch the video from Learn Engineering for more info:

To understand how the design theories evolved over time, our trip will take us all the way through to a glimpse of modern-day winding techniques and RMF production.


In one simple motor design, a magnet is fixed to a freely rotating shaft and subjected to a magnetic field from an array of electromagnets. By continuously switching the electric current through each of the electromagnets, thereby flipping the polarity of their magnetic fields, like poles are kept next to the rotor; the resultant torque is transferred to the shaft./wikipedia

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