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Uni Grad’s Self Made $US12,000 Eco Tiny House


After graduating from university, this entrepreneurial young couple kick started their next phase of life by building an incredible eco tiny house together!Living Big In A Tiny House

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Unbelievably, Sam and Simone managed to construct this tiny house as a DIY project for only AU$17,000 which works out to be just over US$12,000.

In this video, we discuss how they were able to construct their tiny house for such an affordable price and tips for building tiny houses for less.Especially in a country like Australia, where the material cost of building can be very high!


As students of wildlife and environmental sciences, the couple now have plans to regenerate the property where the tiny house is parked. They are also using the tiny house as a base to launch a new online business. I hope you enjoy this full video tour of this stunning tiny home.

VIA Living Big In A Tiny House
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