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The Carbon Fiber Luna Apex Electric Bike!


The carbon fiber Luna Apex uses the latest of technology to propel you at 45 mph with the very latest in battery, motor, and suspension technology to keep the weight under 50 pounds. Designed and built in the USA.

source/image(PrtSc): Luna Cycles

The Apex’s futuristic shape is made from Grade 1 carbon fiber creating an appealing design using top-notch workmanship. You will not find tubular or flat surfaces on this bike.read more(Luna Apex)

Standard ebike output can be programmed one of three ways: a street legal 750 watt version (1000 watt peak), a 1500 watt version, or to 3000 watts in “Ludicrous mode” (upgrade).


The battery is a custom fusion 52v28ah with the Samsung 21700 battery cells for Highest Quality Power. The Luna Cycle Apex also comes with a Carbon Fork 120mm full suspension which is hand built in the USA. And the total weight of the Luna Cycle Apex is 65-75 pounds which are decent for an E-bike.

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