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Bolt M-1 – The Electric Moped Of The Future

The Bolt M-1 by “Monday Motorbikes“, is a fully capable, two-wheeled electric bike that takes inspiration fro a motorcycle in its designed.The M-1 has rugged construction and is designed to handle mean city streets and off-road trails in all-weather conditions.

source/image(PrtSc): Monday Motorbikes

At 20 mph and with a range of 35 miles (city), you can ride all day, use the bicycle lane, and park anywhere. Feel the rush of a 110cc motorcycle without the responsibility of a 300+ pound machine.The M-1 is not only fully-electric.

The Bolt M-1 can push out 5,500 watts to hit speeds up to 40mph, or it can be scaled down to 1,000 watts to be ridden like an e-bike. It relies solely on battery power and doesn’t use any oil or gas.


But it uses the most environmentally friendly lithium chemistry available, and our patented batteries are 100% serviceable and 100% recyclable. The electric bike has a throttle, two hand brakes—the back brake is regenerative, meaning braking sends energy back into the LiFePO4—and can ride on the street, in the bike lane, uphill, or off-road.