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V8-Powered 1/4 Scale Grave Digger With Stinger 609 Engine

What would you do if you got your hands on a fully operational 1/4 scale Conley V8 engine? Most would mount it on a nice piece of stained wood and put it on their desk, and a few of those people would actually fire it up from time to time to show it off to their friends.

source: rccaraction /image: rcWizzard

That’s not a scale engine used to hide an electric motor; this one actually runs and powers the 1/4-scale Grave Digger. This is the Conley Stinger 609 and this engine features dual carburetors, zoomie headers, spark plugs and electric start. The base engine will set you back $8,258 and the price goes up from there when you start to add the option parts.

Kevin spent countless hours making these awesome treads which start life as a standard garden tractor tire. Kevin shaved all the treads off and glued on rubber strips to make the terra type tread that you see here. Yep, that valve stem is for filling the tire with air.


The rear axle is completely custom made. A set of bevel gears and a spool get the rear tires moving while a hydraulic brake system slows them down.There’s a lot of weight in the tires and axle so limiting straps are used to keep that weight off the shocks when the suspension is fully extended.