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Vanlife For Family of 4 With Unique Bed Lift & Bunk Bed Configuration


This family of four lives a minimalistic lifestyle and believes everything in the home should serve three purposes, especially living tiny! In this self-converted compact van, they considered the little ones with a baby gate easily accessed when needed and a portable projector screen for long drives.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

The kids sleep on the couch that folds out into the bed, and the parents have a lift bed that drops above them! It’s rare to see bunk beds in a van, but these guys did it!

They have enough storage for everyone’s clothes, a kitchen suitable for off-grid cooking, and a lounge area that converts into a dining space with a convenient Lagun swivel table.


Even though this family uses their rig for part-time travels, it’s the perfect addition to their tiny stationary home set in Colorado!//Tiny Home Tours

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