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Variable A/C Compressor Working Principle


Here is how a variable type air condition compressor works on your car!The A/C compressor is responsible for compressing gaseous refrigerant in the A/C cycle loop. The refrigerant then condenses into a liquid in the condenser, dried through the dryer and then passed through the evaporator to turn into a gas again (and cool the interior of your car) before being cycled back around to the compressor to start the cycle again.

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Depending on air conditioning demand from the HVAC system, the compressor can vary the amount of refrigerant output. This makes it more efficient at cooling, while preventing over freezing of the thermostatic expansion valve.////speedkar99

The variable A/C compressor consists of a variable angle swash plate, that rotates about the central axis. A magnetic clutch engages the A/C compressor to turn with the engine through its accessory belt.


As the swash plate rotates, the pistons, connected through connecting rods reciprocate to compress gas refrigerant. The angle of the swash plate is controlled through the pressure differential in top and behind the piston, controlled through an electronically control valve by the HVAC control unit.via/read more: speedkar99