Home Technology VE15 Fully Enclosed Through-Floor Home Lift

VE15 Fully Enclosed Through-Floor Home Lift

A fully enclosed through-floor home elevator lift that is designed for your safety, flexibility and independence.Wessex Lifts has reimagined the home elevator to make it more accessible for people with mobility issues or those who simply want the upgrade.Built on decades of reliable technology.

source/image(PrtSc): Wessexlifts

The Wessex VE15 is the latest addition to the Wessex market leading through-floor lift range.Independence with Elegance: An alternative to a traditional stairlift solution, the Wessex VE15 leaves the stairway, hall and landing free of obstruction.via/read more: Wessexlifts

Flexibility: Extremely flexible, as the VE15 does not rely on the need for a wall it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.


Space Saving: With a footprint of less than 0.7sq.mt, the Wessex VE15 takes up the least possible space whilst internally having room for two.