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Velo Armadillo, A High Capacity Electric & Pedal Powered Cargo Bikes!

The Velove Armadillo is a high capacity cargo bike that is narrow, agile and fast enough to be used on bike lanes, with great ergonomics and that is a pleasure to ride.Travel safely and comfortably at 25 km/h on uneven surfaces, even with sensitive cargo or passengers. The Armadillo has high cornering stability thanks to its four wheels and relatively low centre of gravity, so that speed can be maintained in corners.

source/image(PrtSc): VeloveBikes

The aim is to make a bike that can replace as many relatively short car/delivery van trips as possible by providing driving pleasure, comfort and cargo capacity, in any weather.Swedish Velove is testing a cargo bike with fuel cell with a 300 km range.

Useful features for city logistics such as silky smooth suspension, 1 m3 safe box with container system and semi-trailer with Max total weight of 350 kg. 500 kg with semi-trailer.. Designed to endure everyday, heavy-duty use.


The suspension and the high stability make sure you can travel full speed over paving stone, tram tracks, potholes, small curbs, and corners. There is no risk of tipping over. Comfortably and safely cruise the city and enjoy the ride. Electric assist rated power: 250 watt, assisting when pedalling up to 25 km/h (pedelec definition)./Velove