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The Vulcan 812 Intruder II, The Coolest Towing Truck Ever!

The Vulcan Intruder II from Miller Industries is available with a stylish, impact-resistant composite modular body. It’s also available with a carbon-steel or aluminum body.The Intruder II features a new, redesigned tailboard that improves visibility between the boom and the subframe for easier hook-ups.

source/image(PrtSc): Miller Industries

The hose tracking system on the Intruder II has also been completely revamped to provide longer hose life and easier maintenance.The new, low-profile crossbar and jaws have also gone through a complete make-over for easier operation during hook-ups.The new patent-pending crossbar pivot head assembly provides more surface area for longer life and smoother operation.

The new design also provides increased protection for the jaw cylinders by enclosing them into the crossbar and away from the elements.The Intruder II claw design provides better grip on the tires. And, with both positive and negative tilt on the stinger, hooking up in a driveway or on an incline is a snap.


The limiter stop switches halt both the fold and boom elevation height at a predetermined height. For most hook-ups, simply bump the switch to override these controls.The center section of the crossbar has been recessed for increased clearance to prevent damage to the vehicle’s oil pan.