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Velove Armadillo With Third Party Taxi Module – The Quicab

Quicab has developed a fast, friendly and funky third party passenger module for the Velove Armadillo cargo bike. The now well known agility and handling of the Armadillo is kept intact, with the Quicab passenger module being no wider than 86 cm and using the same suspension and semi-trailer coupling.

source/image(PrtSc): VeloveBikes

The Quicab has the potential to revolutionise inner city taxis services and help tackle London’s poisoned air.The Quicab can chauffeur four passengers at speeds of up to 15 mph thanks to the Velove Armadillo cargo bike ‘tractor unit’.

Te Velove Armadillo bike path fit, ergonomics, comfort, safety, great handling, uptimisation and containerisation is giving great access to city centers and fantastic productivity numbers in last mile delivery and field services -up to 100 % more productive than vans in congested/restricted areas!


With a width of only 86 cm and a limited height, you can easily drive on bike paths to quickly get to your delivery destination, without causing problems for other cyclists.The Armadillo has been developed in real-life, commercial operations.