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Vision One Eleven Mercedes Concept Sports Car From 2050


Mercedes revealed the latest all-electric concept supercar, the Vision One Eleven – a hyper-futuristic nod to an experimental legend that debuted over 50 years ago.The exterior design was dreamt up as a statue sitting atop its black base.

source.image: Mr. Benz

The Vision One-Eleven’s sleek supercar looks are clearly inspired by the original C111 prototype, painted a vibrant shade of orange and fitted with dramatic gullwing doors. The One-Eleven’s front end features an oval panel with pixelated LEDs that mimic the C111’s fog lights and can also display messages to pedestrians and other drivers.

source.image: Mr. Benz

The interior is spacious considering the low-slung body, with loads of room for the seats to recline rearward since there is no engine taking up space behind the driver. The Vision One-Eleven features a more lounge-like feel. This choice of design reflects a future where even supercars will be able to drive on their own.


In this video, we will be having a walk around showing you the Exterior and Interior Features Mr. Benz of the NEW 2024 Mercedes Benz C111 Hommage Vision One Eleven Concept! Watch the video from Mr. Benz:

Like the original C111 concepts, the Vision One-Eleven concept isn’t intended for production, though elements of its design and technology are likely to filter down to future Mercedes cars bound for the showroom.The Vision One-Eleven is a mix of legendary and futuristic bringing futuristic technology like augmented reality to the sport car world.

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