Home Technology Voith VR115 CT Retarder Breaking System For Trucks – Animation

Voith VR115 CT Retarder Breaking System For Trucks – Animation

With Voith retarders, up to 90 percent of all braking actions can be performed without wear. This represents a significant increase in safety.Retarders protect the service brakes, thus reducing expenditures on spare parts and maintenance.

source/image(PrtSc): Stoll von Gáti

The Voith 115 CT is a step-up gear retarder with a high braking torque. It has a self-contained oil supply system and is integrated into the vehicle’s braking management system. In conjunction with the service brakes, it provides optimal braking action.

This animation for Voith illustrates the operation of the retarder VR115 CT. The technical details are visualized in a particularly impressive way, showing not only the relationships in the vehicle but also the individual components of the retarder.


At the same time, the retarder increases riding comfort, for example via the v-constant function that keeps speed constant downhill, in the same way as downhill cruise control, without the additional use of the service brakes.