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“Waterotor” An Innovative Portable Turbine That Can Harvest High Energy Output From Slow Moving Water


Introducing the smallest Waterotor in the production series. Manufactured for continuous operation in streams and rivers, shown in water flowing less than 2 mph yet converting more than half of the available flow energy to electricity.

source/image: Waterotor E.Tech..

No other water energy extraction device has managed to produce an equivalent of high energy while operating in very low water flow speeds, as slow as 2 mph. Waterotor captures consistent and economical electricity with sealed attached generators, when submerged within ocean currents, rivers and canals.

This unique invention is due to the way Waterotor achieves maximum torque, resulting in a high coefficient of power. The generator converts energy from pure torque moments in contrast to systems with propeller or wing-like blades which require much higher flow velocities to achieve or match the same Coefficient-of-Power in flow speeds below 9 mph./read more (waterotor).


Efficiency rating is 24 % energy extraction to over 30% – about the maximum expected efficiency. Mobile, requires no bottom fixtures or foundation, only simple anchoring.Strong yet simple structural integrity (‘drum like’).High coefficient of power (high-energy output vs. size).Environmentally friendly (no high speed spinning blades).Broadens a competitive market from very low to high water flow speeds

Water has 830 times more energy than wind thus a small device in water can economically harness a large amount of energy around the clock. Waterotor is an engineering breakthrough, with significant advantages over previous systems. These advantages enable early global market penetration.

VIAWaterotor Energy Technologies
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