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Wave Powered Desalination Machine Filters 49,000 Liters of Water Daily


Oneka Technologies has developed an ecofriendly desalination system that turns seawater into freshwater without emitting greenhouse gas emissions exclusively relying on the power of ocean waves.

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Oneka Technologies turns seawater into fresh water in an innovative and sustainable way by harnessing wave energy.The Iceberg-class unit was developed to deploy commercial-scale projects for coastal communities, industries and resorts. One unit can provide water for 100 to 1500 people per day depending on consumption.

Oneka’s innovative units harness the kinetic energy of ocean waves, From there, a series of self-cleaning strainers and filters remove salt, bacteria, and other particles from the seawater to produce clean, drinkable water that can be piped to shore for storage and use.


Water quality and performance are carefully monitored by solar-powered sensors that provide data in real-time to ensure the water meets or exceeds local water standards.Unit Specifications:Production capacity: up to 50 m3 (13k US gal)/day/unit(The production depends on wave height. The optimal quantity of buoys is calculated in order to meet water needs.).Dimensions: 5 m x 8 m (16 ft x 26 ft).Weight: 11,000 kg (23,000 lbs).

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