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What Happens If You Fill Up a Car with Liquid Nitrogen?


Youtuber TechRax carried out another of his crazy experiments on Friday by pouring three litres of liquid nitrogen into the petrol tank of a BMW and then taking it for a spin.New car, new experiment! I poured 3 liters of liquid nitrogen in the gas tank and took the 1998 Z3 for a drive!

image/text credit: TechRax

Some gasoline was already in the car, but TechRax wanted to see how the liquid nitrogen would fare as well. After filling it up, he took the car out for a test drive.

Surprisingly, the liquid nitrogen worked fine with the car, despite being all cold inside and the temperature indicating almost freezing on the dash gauge. To top it all off, the car even started after leaving it parked for six hours.


Incredibly, the car not only starts first time but also drives fairly successfully with the extremely cold liquid inside the tank, although TechRax does report plummeting temperatures inside the vehicle.Later in the day the car still starts, leading TechRax to conclude that the vehicle has “survived the liquid nitrogen test.

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