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What Is Power Shifting? And Why It’s A Bad Idea!


How No-Lift Shifting Affects Your Clutch, Synchros, & Transmission.What is power shifting? Power shifting is when you shift without lifting your foot from the accelerator pedal in a manual transmission vehicle. There’s debate on whether or not it’s beneficial, and also if it’s okay for your transmission to do it.

source/image: Engineering Explained

In this video, we break down exactly what power shifting is, and what’s happening internally for your transmission, so you know whether or not it’s bad for your clutch, synchronizers, gears, and drivetrain.//Engineering Explained

When in a high speed scenario, some people often power shift to keep the RPM up when changing up to the next gear, in an effort to stay in the power band or cut shifting time.


Powershifting may save a lot of time when in a speed race, but it puts extensive stress on the little synchronizer rings that live inside your transmission system because of the jerking effect during a power shift.