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Why The Is So Much Hate In The Car Community

I’ve noticed a lot of hate in the car community over the years. Nearly every car enthusiast gets hated on, or complained about at some point. I see a lot of new car enthusiasts get “roasted” and thus end up leaving the car scene. Sure, it’s important to have thick skin, but it’s also important to help one and other and spread positivity.

source/image: Gears and Gasoline

Its THEIR car/truck/bike not YOURS, if you have the vehicle then you make it for YOU not other people because you own the vehicle, you put the time in effort into making something that makes you smile whenever you turn it on or when you look at it.

How would you feel if you are constantly being hated on just the way your car looks? It’s the person’s way of expressing themselves, you can’t shut someone down because you don’t like how their car looks or sounds.


There’s no better way to meet more people and make more friends then helping out those in need.At the end of the day, if you’re somebody who walks around talking negatively about everything you see, you’re going to end up affecting yourself negatively and making people not want to be around you.