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Why You Should Never Leave Your Keys Lying Around!


To avoid all that, many of us have a spare key hidden somewhere outside of our houses, either under a mat or behind a particularly large rock. It makes sense to have a backup plan—just in case!

source/image: DaveHax

Leaving your keys can also be dangerous, though, if they’re not hidden away somewhere truly safe. Not only could someone use it to break in, but he or she could replicate your key with nothing more than a printer and a soup can.

How to make a key copy using a printer. Fun life hack you can try. Print out a picture of your key and cut a copy out of a food can.


Make sure people don’t steel your keys, keep them secure, all they need to do is take a photograph and scale it to size. This isn’t just important to know for safety reasons, but it’s an easy way to create a spare key of your own — locksmith not required!

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