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Woman’s 4×4 Truck Camper Tiny Home


Rachel and her pup live and travel full time in this awesome truck/camper tiny home on wheels. Rachel began her tiny living journey living and traveling in her car. Living in her car taught her the basics of tiny living and eventually upgraded to her current setup.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

When she was in high school, Rachel worked hard to travel overseas and fell in love with travel. After an overseas relationship ended, she lived and traveled in a Jeep back in the U.S.

After multiple truck campers, she invested in a truck camper from OEV. We see this all the time with tiny home dwellers. People will have a certain type of tiny home and upgrade depending on their tastes and needs.


Honestly, the only way to know what your dream camper might be, you have to truly experience other options. Rachel has a mobile income consisting of content creation, freelance photo/video work, and a remote marketing job.