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Woman’s Camper Van Smart Design For Small Spaces


In this video, Kelly, the proud owner of the Big Dipper van, takes us on an in-depth tour of her cozy and functional home on wheels. After driving the famous Nutmobile, Kelly transitioned to van life, creating a beautiful and practical space perfect for her adventures. Here’s what you’ll discover in this tour: Innovative Kitchen Design: Kelly repurposed cabinet faces from the restore, reducing waste and costs. Her kitchen features pine countertops, a deep stainless steel sink, a 30-gallon fresh water tank, and a 5-gallon gray water tank.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

She also showcases her Coleman two-burner stove and IceCo 75L Dual Zone fridge/freezer. Living and Workspace: Kelly’s multifunctional living area includes a Lagoon mount table, perfect for additional counter space and working from the road. With 570 watts of solar power and 300 amp hours of battery, she powers everything from a Starlink to a blender, making her van a true mobile office.

Cozy Bedroom: Equipped with a queen-sized, lofted bed for under-bed storage, Kelly’s bedroom also features added windows for ventilation and natural light, cedar tongue and groove ceiling, and thoughtful storage solutions. Practical Bathroom: Kelly chose a Nature’s Head composting toilet for convenience and safety, making her travels more comfortable.


Spacious Garage: The garage houses her electrical components, freshwater tank, and ample storage for camping gear, a mountain bike on drawer slides, and a shoe closet. Sustainable Living: Kelly emphasizes the importance of a sustainable lifestyle, from using biodegradable soap to maximizing her solar energy setup. Inspiring Journey: Hear about Kelly’s transition from a traditional job to van life, her work as a freelance social media specialist, and her seasonal job with Backroads Travel, which perfectly complements her nomadic lifestyle.