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Cordless Tesla 3.0 Diesel 3500mi Without Charging


I Take Another road trip with the Cordless Tesla but this time I went 3500 Miles without charging faster, and without the waiting time to charge up with version 3.0 of the Tesla with a generator in Back.

source.image: Warped Perception

The Warped Perception YouTube channel decided to find out, and put a turbo diesel engine into a Tesla Model S P85D to help it complete a 2,500-mile (4,023 km) road trip while charging as little as possible.

I built a jet go-kart for Danny Duncan and drove it to his house to give it to him in person and this was also my destination, The total round trip including stops was 3500 Miles and I used 76.2 gallons of Diesel which brought my actual Miles Per Gallon 45.69 MPG in my All Wheel Drive Tesla. I had quite a few issues along the way and I included all of that in this video.


The video first shows the testing of the engine and its adaptation to the Tesla model. Apart from the fact that the car makes a rather loud noise from the outside, it looks like any other Model S. The Turbo Diesel Tesla Hybrid represents an odd evolution to EV engineering, and its remarkable range may be tempting to some, but objectively, the supercharging network is a much better option on many, if not all levels!