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Yamaha R6 4-Cylinder Engine World’s Fastest Bathtub


Hannes Roth is the mind behind this masterpiece! This thing is based on a go-kart chassis and its powered by a four-cylinder R6 Yamaha engine that revs up to 16.000 rpm and produces around 120 hp. From a complete standstill, the bathtub can accelerate to 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds! Video has been recorded during the Bergrennen Hemberg 2024.

source.image: NM2255 | Raw Car Sounds

Working over 300 hours between September 2014 and April 2015, Swiss engineer and racing driver Hannes Roth created an eye-catching contraption by attaching a bath-tub onto a go-kart chassis and fitting a four-cylinder Yamaha R6 engine with 120 hp into the basin, along with a driver’s seat.

Dual exhaust pipes were fitted to the back of the tub, where a full shower head, complete with scrub brush and functioning camera at the top, were installed.


After a first successful public appearance at Bergrennen Reitnau hill climb in June 2015, Roth took his motorized bath-tub to the Dynamic Test Center in Vauffelin, Switzerland, where an average speed of 186.82 km/h (116.08 mph) over his two fastest runs was officially verified on 6 May 2016. In his seventh run, Roth achieved a maximum speed of 189.9 km/h (118 mph).