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Woman’s DIY ProMaster Camper Van Tiny Home On Wheels


Dyllan and her dog Juniper have traveled over 30,000 miles in their tiny home on wheels. Sunny, the van has a purposely open layout to transport needed material for Under Dog Rescue in Moab.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

She installed a swivel chair in place of the passenger seat for flexibility when hosting friends and a safer travel nook for her sweet little paw-baby.

There’s a Dometic top-loading fridge, a small sink, and ample storage throughout the van. She opted for no toilet to avoid the upkeep and hassle but has a full-size bed with massive garage space underneath.


Dyllan advises easing into tiny living. Some people can dive right in, and she preferred her method of making it a step-by-step process!

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