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Woman’s Self-Built ProMaster Van To Travel With Pets


Meg didn’t think she could live in a van, but after a year on the road, she couldn’t see it any other way. Friends have gifted the several art pieces of her dog, so she named her rig “Wrigley’s van” after the famous pup.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

Wrigley’s kennel is the core structure of the design to ensure it fits perfectly under the bed. Meg didn’t shy away from ample storage as she had enough with an abundance of clothes!

For extra safety, she has exterior cameras and can scope from the inside. The roof deck is one of her favorite elements of the van for fantastic sunrise and sunsets!


The garage accessed from the back is full of pet supplies and miscellaneous tools. For someone who hesitated on van life, Meg is loving it and exceeding all her expectations!