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Woman’s Self-Sufficiency And Comfort Tiny House


Welcome to her world of minimalistic yet comfortable living. Ever wondered what it’s like to design, build, and live in a tiny house? Dive into Marie’s journey, where every nook and cranny reflects her story.The warm, welcoming kitchen with its generously sized sink, overhead dish rack, and smart storage solutions.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

A workstation with a stunning macrocarpa slab, merging functionality with aesthetics.Innovative storage solutions, including her beloved IKEA drawers – perfect for maximizing space.A cozy bedroom with a unique round window, giant view window, and ample storage under and behind the bed.

The spacious outdoor area – a deliberate addition to host friends and gatherings.Her bathroom, equipped with both a marine and composting toilet option, ensuring adaptability.Her journey into tiny house living started seven years ago, inspired by a YouTube video. Fast forward to now, she is in her third year of a building apprenticeship. From building her dream tiny house to designing the outdoor deck, every step has been a learning curve.


Next on her list? Diving into permaculture and gardening, as she continues to evolve towards a more sustainable life.Living small doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. Her tiny house, although perfect for her, has been designed with so much love and thought that sharing space might just require a second tiny house!