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Wood Carving HONDA CR V 2020 Model WoodWorking


Wood working is an exceptional skill-set along with a past history that stretches back to antiquity. It is greater than just constructing things with your palms; it comes to be a method of revealing your ingenuity.Built by Woodworking Art Youtube Channel this project is pretty straightforward breaking down the build step by step as the artist recreates the famous HONDA CR V 2020 entirely from wood.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

Woodworking Art starts with a block of wood and a stencil tracing the vehicle’s silhouette and cutting out some circular wood pieces for the wheels.The sculpted HONDA CR V 2020 has functional doors that open and close.

The tailgate also opens and closes, and hides one of our favorite secrets.HONDA CR-V 2020 made of wood. I made this wooden car in 3 weeksThe model was built almost entirely of wood and the only metal elements included were screws to hold the different parts of the vehicle.


After the final touches like mirrors and reflectors are installed the completed HONDA CR V 2020 looks absolutely fantastic with all its realism.The artist clearly has some serious skills.

VIAWoodworking Art
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