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Wood Carving Mercedes-Benz G500 Woodworking Art


This car was made to order by a my friend, his Mercedes-Benz G500. The car is very beautiful and it looks as strong as a warrior. It is made by wood type: Fujian cypress (with glossy coating), from monolithic wood.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

From start to finish youtube artist Woodworking Art lets his skill do all the talking. After choosing the right planks of wood, he goes to work bringing his G500 Mercedes to life.

First he starts out the basic shape of the SUV, smoothing out the rough edges while carving out more and more detail. All good so far, but what he does next is levels beyond those basic wood toy cars you played with as a kid.


The car has a 1:13 proportion to real size and weighs around 4 kg. The artist spent approximately 40 days to build this beauty./Woodworking Art

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