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Worlds Highest Basketball Shot 200m (660 feet) – World Record

Australian YouTube stars How Ridiculous have made a name for themselves by breaking, and re-breaking, the record for the Greatest height from which a basketball is shot.When they achieved an unprecedented height of 180.968 m (593.73 ft) in September 2016, it seemed almost impossible that they could better it!

image: How Ridiculous

Yet in southern Africa on 13 January 2018, Derek Herron managed to net a ball from 201.422 m (660 ft 10 in) – the first time anyone has crossed the 200 m mark in this challenge.”I couldn’t stop yelling! It was just so good,” said Derek, after making the successful shot.

The end result, however, is simply brilliant, especially given the exotic setting. Breaking this record is certainly going to be a tough ask — check out the full video.


Aside from the difficulty of the shot itself, you’ll also notice how incredibly complex the actual setup of the photo shoot for the event really is. All the gear, including basketballs and cameras, need to be carried up and down that mountain and placed in position before the actual basketball shots.