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World’s Luckiest Tortoise Survives Elephant Stampede!

With their hardy shells and beady eyes, tortoises are among the most fascinating members of the animal kingdom, even if they are not the biggest. For this particular tortoise in Pilanesberg, size was the least important factor in surviving an elephant stampede.

image/source: Kruger Sightings

Saved by the bell, or in the animal kingdom, it is more like saved by your shell…Watch the dramatic moment a tortoise finds himself between the feet of a thirsty herd of elephants that is on its way down to the waterhole.

The sighting starts off with a lone tortoise down by the water, quenching his thirst. Suddenly, viewers could start hearing a bit of a rumble coming from the area and the tortoise immediately went into his shell before the rowdy crowd came along.


According to LatestSightings.com, the elephants themselves were aware of the tortoise’s presence and look to be doing their best not to crush him! As the elephants moved the tortoise immediately saw an escape path letting him flee for his life back to the safety of the surrounding bush.